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Updated: Jun 1

Our original bebe - the Our Kid muslin cloth

Dreamed of, designed and hand screen printed in sunny Manchester. The first Tilly Hobbs offering came to fruition when I became frustrated with the baby products available that reflected me as a person rather than a unicorn, rainbow, sparkly princess which was all that seemed to be out there at the time.

Designed by the uber talented Molly O'Donoghue and an homage to the city we love. We're so happy you love them too.

£11 each for the Our Kid muslin cloth

£20 for the blanket version

Payment via this link, do drop me a line if you have any difficulties!

This design is also available as a blanket or a print in a size of your choice.

Our passion piece - Manchester Womens Club

Manchester's history is RICH! The people, the music, the buildings, the food, the football - I, like thousands of others cannot get enough of it. But we can't lie that the people we hear mentioned and the statues we see are mainly male, we hear about the Hacienda, about the Gallaghers, adopted Mancs like Fergie and thoroughbreds like LS Lowry. It should come as no surprise that I want to hear it for the girls

Welcome to Manchester Womens Club.

Working with the genius that is Lucy Cowan, we've gathered together a selection of the women who inspire us, who put some extra swagger in our stomp down Market Street or our sashay up Oxford Road. The gals we've featured are in no way the only magnificent females to bloom or be planted in our fair city, but they are trailblazers and they are OURS.

Manchester Womens Club - come on in.

The design - available as a muslin cloth, blanket or print features the following FIRESTARTERS, who if you don't know, get to know.

Liz Dawn, best known as Vera Duckworth

Victoria Wood CBE

Tracey Neville MBE

DJ Paulette


Sunny Lowry MBE

Caroline Aherne

Elizabeth Gaskell

Maxine Peake

Emmeline Pankhurst


£11 each for the Manchester Womens muslin cloth

£20 for the blanket version

Payment via this link, do drop me a line if you have any difficulties!

Lockdown Love Letters

We have teamed up again with the fabulous Nicola Rowlands to create our first little card range! Perfect for sending to a colleague you're missing, a best friend who needs cheering up or why not start a secret admirer situation whilst we're still in this lockdown limbo. These can be posted to you or directly to the recipient with your message in my best handwriting.

Cards are £2.80 each or £5

Payment via this link, do drop me a line or use the chat box if you have any problems.

Queen Bee of the Quarantine

Just a little somethin' somethin' to do our bit to support the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic. Grab your quarantine crown and wear it oh so proudly! Designed by Molly O'Donoghue and printed locally, this limited edition run is in size medium - which I would say is a large 12/14.

£10 each.


Community not competition

We've been amazingly lucky to have collaborated on three more muslin designs with the insanely talented Nicola Rowlands. Click here to be taken to her website where you can have a gander at these badboys.



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